Commercial & Industrial Tumble Dryers

Maxwell Adam supply most makes of tumble dryer, but running cost is the most important consideration. As the biggest cost in your laundry, choosing the wrong tumble dryer could cost you £100’s and sometimes £1000’s more than an alternative machine each year.

Typically, a 30lb or 40lb tumble dryer will cost 30p per load if gas and over a £1.00 per load if electric. Most users of commercial laundry equipment know this and use gas dryers where possible. But there is now an alternative to conventional electric dryers that are just as cheap to run as gas!

Heat pump technology is now used in the Electrolux range of tumble dryers and will provide you with massive savings against a conventional electric tumble dryer. They don’t require ducting so can be placed in your laundrette  without an outside wall.

Furthermore, Electrolux have now introduced the TD6-7, a 7kg tumble dryer that is only 600mm wide that can be either gas or heat pump. Saving around 27p per load compared to conventional electric tumble dryers, you can reduce running costs by £500 to £800 per annum in a busy laundry.