Efficient Dosing System

Efficient Dosing System automatically adjusts the quantity of detergent to the real load of your Electrolux Professional washer extractor.

The real load is measured at the beginning of the program thanks to the Automatic Saving function of the washer extractor. Once the weight is measured, the water and detergent levels are adjusted at each program step to deliver the best wash result in a sustainable way

With the Efficient Dosing System from Electrolux Professional your laundry solution will be more efficient than ever. You have full control over the wash process and the high quality output guarantees an end to damaged linen or skin irritations caused by detergent overdosing

Electrolux Professional boasts first-rate expertise in laundry solutions, backed up by global leadership. Efficient Dosing System supports:

  • Best linen quality due to accurate detergent dosing
  • Savings of up to 20% in detergent
  • Time savings on account of a totally automatic dosing process
  • A safer work environment thanks to automatic detergent dosing
  • User-friendly operation thanks to multi-language and automatic functions
  • Environmental friendliness due to less use of chemicals throughout the process
  • Easy access to statistics and cost reports via USB port
  • Customizable options for usage across various laundry segments


Efficient Dosing System EDS Data Sheet EDS Installation Manual