As part of our laundry installation process of new commercial laundry equipment, we ensure best laundry practice is followed. It is very important that our clients get the very most out of the commercial laundry machines they have purchased or rented from us. This is why we provide free training to staff on how to use their new commercial laundry equipment to make sure it delivers great results in the most efficient manner possible. But it doesn’t stop there…


In a care home or hospital environment, we look at best laundry practice so that both the staff and residents are protected from the risk of cross infection. Our team will spend time with our clients in their laundry room to make sure the correct procedures are in place and adhered to. From the collection of the laundry, use of red bags, infected linen, and the completion and delivery of the laundry back to your clients. We can give laundry advice on the best colour coded trolleys to use and how and when to use disposable gloves and aprons. Once all the best laundry practices have been covered, we will put up a handy wall chart for you, displaying our laundry advice and guidelines – so existing and new staff can refer to it as and when needed.

We have a very helpful booklet on Best Laundry Practice for you to download for more information.

Guide to good laundry Hygiene mini guide