What Industrial and Commercial Laundry Equipment do I Need?

We know choosing the right commercial laundry equipment can be a tough task as there are many factors to consider, from the amount of laundry you have, the space available to store your industrial washing machines and dryers and your budget to purchase, lease or rent the commercial equipment as well as taking running costs into account. This is why we are here to talk you through your specific needs and will visit your establishment to offer our expert advice and answer all your questions.

We have experience in supplying and installing commercial laundry equipment to a whole range of different markets, getting to know each and every one of our customers and providing an excellent ongoing service.

We understand that one extremely important factor of care home laundry equipment is to balance infection control and this can be achieved with an installation from us as all the industrial washing machines and dryers we supply meet current CQC and WRAS legislation. Similarly, we have supplied an extensive amount of commercial laundry equipment to private and NHS hospitals – helping fight against the spread of diseases and bacteria which is crucial in these environments.

For housing associationshotels and restaurants looking for some new industrial washing machines and dryers, our Electrolux Professional range offers the perfect commercial laundry solution. The easy-to-use settings allow for a quick start without confusing additional programmes to choose from and we will even offer training and advice on running costs.

Additional industries we service commercial and industrial laundry equipment to include; schools, requiring a multitude of machines to wash, dry and iron a wide variety of clothing and linen; food producers, ensuring our machines offer the utmost in hygiene and bacteria control; and veterinary and equestrian usage where it is vital all horse rugs, blankets and beds used by the animals are disinfected and protected.

For the washing and care of general workwear, we recommend an in-house laundry – a long-term investment that ensures your employees are always practising the maximum in cleanliness and the uniforms provided are looked after properly. During one typical month we delivered to: numerous care homes, sheltered accommodation, a hotel, a theme park, a dairy farm and two schools, just to name a few!

On each occasion we created bespoke programmes to meet each of our customers’ individual needs.

The Electrolux Professional Compass Pro control (pictured) allows us to simply create the programmes needed. Generally, each and every customer will require different settings and we always make sure they are totally satisfied with our tailor made commercial laundry solutions.