Rental of commercial laundry equipment is becoming more popular than ever. Clients say that it frees up capital and gives them peace of mind that they have no unexpected bills. Our customers get the best value with our half price rental period which saves them even more money.

The commercial laundry equipment we supply has a design life of 30,000 hours and often lasts much longer. Although our washing machine rental agreements are for 5 years, typically the equipment is good for at least 10 to 12 years. Why should you look for new equipment or carry on renting at full price after the 5 years are up?

Maxwell Adam will reduce your payments by 50% after the initial agreement has ended with all the service benefits for as long as you want the laundry equipment. No long term contract, No need to change the equipment, No hassle.

  • Free installation to services
  • Finest Electrolux equipment
  • Priority 8 hour service response
  • Annual preventative maintenance
  • Gas safety certification
  • Free staff training