A perfect solution for every industry

When it comes to keeping your workwear clean and under your control, Maxwell Adam recommends having your own in-house laundry for cleaning workwear – a long term investment that will reap dividends.

Through our partnership with Electrolux Professional we can provide the right commercial workwear laundry products – from washing machines to irons – to put you in control and to save you time and money, ending your need to rely on external contractors.

Our workwear laundry options give you the maximum in cleanliness, from removing tough stains to sterilising items for environments that need a high level of hygiene. With customisable programs for any fabric or degree of soilage, you can determine washing and drying standards.

Remove tough stains, soot, blood or oil while preserving important features such as welded seams and reflective trims, preserving the quality and safety features to guarantee the health of the workers. Special clean-room workwear laundry solutions support businesses with the highest hygiene demands.

You also have total hygiene and cost control with Certus Management TM Information System and higher availability and reduction in workwear costs due to faster laundry turnaround.

We can help you achieve up to 50 per cent savings in running costs with our automatic saving system and heat pump technology.

Our industrial workwear cleaning machines have a user-friendly control system with multi-language selection.