Buying the machine is only the beginning…

The Machine

Here at Maxwell Adam we like to give you, the opportunity to make an informed decision and that means giving you as much information as possible. One of the reasons that we use Electrolux is that it’s build quality gives it longevity, it is built to do 30,000 cycles. Now you’re probably thinking what does that mean and anyway my last machine lasted me years and it wasn’t that expensive!

Commercial machines are bought for a reason, they are worked hard, on average they will complete on average 8 loads every day, that’s around 3,000 loads a year, so 30,000 cycles would mean 10 years of washing. So why would you buy a cheaper machine and save a few hundred pounds when you will end up buying twice within this given time period, false economy right?

If you are still not convinced, then you need to read on. To use an analogy, when you go and buy a car, once you asked the price, the next questions are usually:

“How many miles to a gallon of fuel?”

“How much does it cost to tax a year?”

You want to know the running costs before you make a decision and buying a Washing Machine shouldn’t be any different.


The Running Costs

As the title says, “Buying the machine is only the beginning”. We are not going to include Service Work or Repairs as they are not quantifiable and will vary from machine to machine. What we are going to look at here is how much it costs in ElectricityWater, and Detergent to do one load in an Electrolux washing machine compared to the opposition. Now bearing in mind the number of loads the machine will do in its life time, the running costs can be as much as five times the amount of the initial purchase price of the machine itself.

Now you are probably thinking, what? That can’t be right?

So, to show you, we have given an example.

The machine is a 10.5kg Electrolux Washer, compared to a cheaper brand on the market. Water prices and Electricity prices are based on the Southern Regional average at the time of writing and detergent prices are based on our own which are included within this proposal and are dispensed from an Auto-dosing System.


Cold, Hard Facts!

Calculations are based on:

Water/Waste Water £3.58 per 1000 litres

source southern water

Electricity 13p per kw/hour (average national commercial tariff)

Detergent £3.20 per litre


“Another” 10kg washing machine. Average water consumption 138 litres

Water consumption 138 litres 49.4p
Electrical consumption 34.8p
Detergent @ 140ml to reach dilution in higher level of water 45p
TOTAL £1.29


Electrolux W5105H 10.5kg washing machine. Average water consumption at 80% full litres

Water consumption 73 litres 26.1p
Electrical consumption 24p
Detergent @ 100ml to reach dilution in higher level of water 32p
TOTAL £0.82


Difference per load = 47p

Assuming 8 loads a day, the Electrolux washing machine will save you


£3.76 per day

£114 per month

£1,372 per annum

£14,100 over the lifetime of the Washing Machine


To confirm, these calculations are based on a standard Electrolux W5105H 10.5kg Washing Machine with Auto-weigh technology.


So, if you are looking for a new quality machine, but want to be smart and save money, think Electrolux, think Maxwell Adam.


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