EDS saving the environment and your bank balance

The Electrolux Professional washing machines we supply and install have had an auto-weighing system as standard for a few years, matching the amount of water used with the size of the load. The reported savings are on average 25% which can amount to many £1000’s over the lifetime of the machine.

In 2015, Electrolux launched their EDS (Efficient Dosing System) that, when working together with the auto-weighing system reduces detergent costs considerably. The EDS works with the auto-weighing system so when a load is less than full, the water is reduced and the EDS will deliver the correct amount of chemical. The process is completely automatic, meaning there are no buttons to push for the operator, making the machines simple and easy to use. Furthermore, the EDS will produce a spreadsheet over any period showing the number of loads and the amount of water and detergent saved against a full load. For example, an 18kg washing machine being used for 8 loads a day, will save the user annually over £600.

Another feature which makes EDS so convenient and economical is that chemical from any supplier may be used in the machine, allowing our consumers to change suppliers if required without having to change the pumps too. For any businesses looking to ,buy, rent or lease commercial laundry machines, this concept means greater savings on both energy bills and detergent as well as reducing your effects on the environment which is something we strive to improve upon year after year.

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