Frequently Asked Questions

When buying, renting, or leasing commercial laundry equipment there are many things to consider which often raise similar questions from our customers. To help you feel more at ease and in the know about your commercial laundry equipment, we have put together some of our frequently asked questions. If you have a question not listed below, please contact us today on 0333 8003400 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

My residents like to sometimes use the machines, are your machines very user-friendly?

Our washing machines and tumble dryers come with the Compass Pro control which is very simple. Furthermore, we will put just the programmes you need on the machine when we install to help make it even simpler. The tumble dryers have an auto stop, so it is just a one button start, no need to set the time and temperature. When the load is complete it stops automatically and even beeps to let you know.

I want to cancel my current rental contract, can you help me?

If you are at the end of your contract it is very easy to cancel. All you need to do is give notice to your current provider and get a collection date, we will do the rest. On the day of the changeover, we will be on site very early and help remove the equipment, this is normally complete by 10am and the new equipment will be installed and working by close of business. If you have a few months to go but want the equipment removed before the end of the contract we still might be able to help. Each individual case is different but if you call us with your contract details we will see what we can do for you.

Everyone claims to have the most efficient commercial washing machines, how do I know who to believe?

There are huge differences between the various types of equipment available and how much energy they each consume, which causes it to be very confusing. The Electrolux range we supply clearly states on their specification sheets how much water, electricity, and gas each load consumes on their washers and dryers. Many other manufacturers claim to be extremely efficient but do not publish these figures… Our advice would be to ask for the published consumption figures, if these cannot be provided, it makes proof of these efficiency claims very difficult.

My current service provider takes 2 days to arrive and the needs to order spares. How can this be avoided?

Unfortunately, we hear this a lot and it is becoming more common as many companies supply a wide range of different manufacturers which makes it impossible to carry the majority of most spares needed. At Maxwell Adam, we supply one make of equipment and carry all of the widely used parts on board. Not only do we attend your call within 8 working hours, but the likelihood is we will also have the correct part required when our engineer gets there.

Can I choose my own type / length of service or rental package?

At Maxwell Adam we are totally flexible with all of our contracts and agreements and will provide what is right for you. If you tell us what cover you require and the length of contract you want we can talk you through the possible options and find a solution that suits you best. Our rental packages can be for 3 to 8 years although most customers choose 5 as their preferred option. As the equipment has a design life of over 10 years, you can carry on renting after this period with all the service benefits at half price!

Are gas dryers still a lot more economical than electric machines?

Yes. Gas dryers are far cheaper to run than electric machines, depending on your tariff, it can be a saving of up to 80%. Large commercial tumble dryers can be rated at 15kw or more and you can reduce your bills by as much as £1 an hour by having gas.

I struggle for space, can you help?

The honest answer is, not always – but customers are often very surprised at how small commercial machines can be. The Electrolux W555H and Electrolux T5190 are the same size as domestic machines but deliver quick cycles and will last 10 times longer than domestic equipment. They are also CQC (Care Quality Commission) and WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved for use in care homes. If you need bigger equipment we can supply stack dryers which give you two dryers in the space of one, it is possible to stack your washer and dryer, so there are definitely options available for those with limited space available.

How soon will your engineer be with me?

Whilst our contracted customers take precedence, we try to get to all breakdowns within 8 working hours. For example, if you call at 12pm and we can’t get there that day, we will put you in as priority on the next day when you should expect us in the morning.

Do you stock parts?

Our engineers carry the common parts for all the machines we sell, so we will effect a repair on the first visit most of the time. There will always be occasions when we need to order spares and if we order before 3pm they will be with you before 12pm the next day.