When we look at the provision of laundry equipment for communal laundries in the housing sector, simplicity is the order of the day. Our experience tells us that the main priorities are managing the change for the residents and supplying simple-to-use equipment.

The range of small commercial washers and dryers by Electrolux, for whom we are authorised distributors, are very robust and will give at least 10 years good service. They also have features that make them ideal for this market place.

The displays on both pieces of equipment are very clear to see and even easier to operate with a single button selection. We can also just put the programmes onto the machine that you want rather than over complicate things with lots of cycles that are never used. The tumble dryer could not be easier – one button to select the temperature and the cycle stops when the load is dry.

Throughout ownership, we attend to give training free of charge. We also put clear instruction posters on the wall.

you have partially sighted clients we can set the machines up with audio guidance which speaks to the user and takes them through the process stage by stage.

At Maxwell Adam we recommend not only which commercial laundry products to buy, but we also recommend a servicing and repairs package, which includes maintenance contracts.

This gives a guaranteed response time in case of breakdown plus an annual servicing to reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and to review how the commercial laundry equipment is being used. It might be that the pre-set programmes need to be reviewed.

Whatever your needs for commercial laundry, we serve a diverse range of market sectors and welcome all enquiries. Call us on 01732 424012, email info(@)maxwelladam.com or leave details via our contact us page.