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At Maxwell Adam we pride ourselves in being able to offer our customers more than just the bare minimum; we go that extra mile to meet expectations as well as exceed them. We believe that the quality of our product and our knowledge of the industry are the two most important factors that stand us out from the crowd! We strive to constantly improve ourselves as a business, which is why a strong line-up of products is just the right foundation for our progress.

Buying the Machine is only the Beginning…

The Machine

Here at Maxwell Adam we like to give you, the opportunity to make an informed decision and that means giving you as much information as possible. One of the reasons that we use Electrolux is that it’s build quality gives it longevity, it is built to do 30,000 cycles. Now you’re probably thinking what does that mean and anyway my last machine lasted me years and it wasn’t that expensive!

The Brand-New Maxwell Adam Website is Live

Over the past few months, we have been working hard with Netkandi Digital Marketing to create a brand-new and updated website, and we are pleased to announce that it is now live. The new update consists of a modern and sleek look that represents the established Maxwell Adam brand. The new website is mobile responsive, giving our customers an excellent experience when they’re out and about as well as when using their PC.

Wet Cleaning for the Win When It Comes to Eco-Friendly Washing

You may have seen increasing concerns about the process of dry cleaning and the chemicals used – especially when it comes to the damaging effects they can have on people. Perc (Perchloroethylene), is the main chemical used in dry cleaning and has caused speculation for many years. If you’re not sure what perc does, here is a quick summary, dry cleaning does not use water, instead it uses a chemical called perc to remove soils and stains out of clothing.

Heavy-Weight Machine Cleans Up In Gym!

We install and service a huge range of commercial laundry equipment across multiple industries, from care homes and schools to housing associations, restaurants and even gyms!

One of our most recent installations was for a brand-new, state-of-the-art gym in Crouch End, London, called Centric: 3Tribes. The gym consists of multiple studios holding a range of classes including indoor cycling, yoga and full body training – so the busy comings and goings of dedicated gym members means fresh towels are a must.

Is your laundry as well educated as your students?

Schools go through extensive amounts of washing every week and are most likely to outsource their laundry. The machines that Maxwell Adam can provide for the education sector will enable schools to have the equipment on-site which will ultimately improve turnaround time and reduce costs.

Maxwell Adam, laundry provider for sheltered accommodation

Maxwell Adam can supply all the commercial laundry equipment you need for sheltered accommodation. Experience has shown that ease of operation is the key element to meet the needs of your residents. As a premium partner of Electrolux laundry systems we provide the most robust commercial washers and dryers that are the easiest to use. The machines can be easily set up to show just the programmes you and your residents need, removing those you don’t. Clear and simple use.

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