Wet cleaning for the win when it comes to eco-friendly washing

You may have seen increasing concerns about the process of dry cleaning and the chemicals used – especially when it comes to the damaging effects they can have on people. Perc (Perchloroethylene), is the main chemical used in dry cleaning and has caused speculation for many years. If you’re not sure what perc does, here is a quick summary, dry cleaning does not use water, instead it uses a chemical called perc to remove soils and stains out of clothing. Recently, there has been even more reason for concern after research has suggested even bigger dangers connected to the substance, such as cancer and infertility. As much as dry cleaning may make our clothes impeccably clean, there’s a new, better, and healthier system in town.

Wet cleaning is an eco-friendlier way to clean clothes. This system does not use perc and instead uses water, hence the term ‘wet cleaning’. Not only is it a healthier method for the people taking on this task but it is a quicker process than dry cleaning, leaving your clothes cleaner, smelling fresher, brightening colours and leaving whites even more brilliant!

Electrolux’s wet cleaning system, the Lagoon Advanced Care, is the first and only wet cleaning system to have been granted and endorsed by the Woolmark Company. This system is environmentally friendly as it uses water as the natural solvent as well as biodegradable detergents.

Do you think wet cleaning could be the solution for your business? We can arrange a day for you to visit the Electrolux HQ to see the laundry systems available. Bring a garment of your own to put through the wet cleaning system to see how quick, efficient, and great this system is. Get in touch with us today to find out more and arrange your day at Electrolux HQ.

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