Maxwell Adam supply a large number of schools in the South for both the communal laundry and the Student houses. We have found that there is not much point changing the process as the laundry has often been operating well for far longer than we have been in business. The key is providing large savings in utilities and detergent by providing efficient commercial laundry equipment and a service package that keeps downtime to an absolute minimum.

We have provided school Laundries with the Electrolux Professional equipment and shown a 30% reduction in chemical cost and the same in water. The savings that are made are more than the cost of the commercial laundry equipment over the lifetime of ownership, Our consultants will show you how and where these reductions in running costs can be made and give you an accurate estimate. Furthermore, if we don’t reduce your laundry detergent use by the amount we show, we will refund the difference every year!

Maxwell Adam are proud to supply over 30 boarding schools with commercial laundry equipment, for a list of our clients please contact us.