We all spend a large amount of our income on energy bills such as electric, gas and water and it is near on impossible to avoid paying out for such costs with a large dependency on commercial machines that require all these utilities

Here at Maxwell Adam, we are proud to be able to offer housing associations, just like yours, products that help relieve the costs of your energy bills, as well as helping look after the environment. What’s more, all our Electrolux products have a design life of 30,000 hours – so you can rely on a long-lasting machine that produces excellent results time and time again.

Our robust, easy-to-use commercial washing and drying machine will make your laundry quick and simple – as well as having a large, easy to read display, we can even set your machines up with only the necessary programmes required – making it really that simple to get the job done. Our washers will only use the required water level for the load at hand, and our dryers will stop when the load is dry – saving time and energy.

We will also provide free training to staff and residents, clear A4 wall instructions and there is also a setting for audio guidance, for visually impaired users.

Our service is the fastest in the industry and we will attend a service call within 8 hours at all times – averaging just 5 hours. As a partner of Electrolux we carry the majority of spares with us at all times, unlike other companies who supply a range of manufacturers, so we expect to get your machine up and running on the first visit.